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Super Mari0 Forever (Collab Idea, Alesan99's Entities)

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May I make a ICE world (if this collab is still open).
-I am good at Alesan's Entities mapping (although I usually can't make more than 1-2 worlds, so im good there)
-I may add some music and sound files to my map, if you allow that.
-I do not TEND TO use custom tilesets
-I tend to have a Portal theme (so custom background yay)

What I might need to add for my world (i say map alot instead):
Custom BG/FG
Music file.
I might add custom tilesets.

Also, slightly unrelated to my request: Maybe give all people who finish their world a beta link to the mappack? and people who make a world need tileset (duh)

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