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Mario's revenge mappack

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Post » 03 Nov 2015, 21:06

(Made for Mario se beta 8)
A new mappack called mario's revenge is now in progress , but dont worry we have a test demo to see if you like it
(enemies from qwertymanO07, alesan99, sab superalbertbros)
Download a taste of the mappack now \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Game difficulty:Medium
TRAILER: Launch date : Feb 20 2016

Built with custom tilesets and enemies

Has Tricky levels.

Easy to understand story
Zeverse productions
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Post » 07 Nov 2015, 23:31

MMMM the map was ok (I MEAN IT WAS GREAT)

Now the file size can do better. I mean the levels were great, more levels in one awesome.
I like how you tricked people on 1-1 sub 2 (it tricked me well)
Your lucky so far i just have nothing to say.
Lets just say it was a good mappack ok.
Wow i give you a c+ on your work plus if you can check out my stuff later on
that would be amazing im working on something
good so plz check it out.
Cant wait for full version!!!

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