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Custom title screen w/ foreground tiles?

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Post » 10 Sep 2015, 15:25

I just thought of something... Theoretically, you could use animated tiles to paste over the title screen in a mappack. You could make the first frame be foreground and then when the level loads up, the tiles disappear immediately using region triggers? I haven't tested this yet, I will in a few minutes.

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Post » 10 Sep 2015, 17:14

There's a different trick that Hugo used in one of his mappacks. You can have the first part of the level be the title screen, and start Mario farther in the level. The title screen always shows the beginning of the level in 1.6.

A similar tactic could theoretically be employed in SE. Start with Mario somewhere on the "title screen" (made of static foreground tiles), and then make an animation that starts on map load, moving Mario to the actual beginning of the level. It's way easier to make 375 static tiles and a single animation than it is to make 375 animated tiles.

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