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Captain Toad: Turret's Additional Animations

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Post » 18 Aug 2015, 19:43

I think it's about time someone made a mappack centric around turret's custom player.json.

This is a mappack I'm working on only compatible with the latest version of Turrets' Animations.

Captain Toad in 2D! He can't run or jump all that well, so sucks for him. There's also a Captain Toad character i'm making that's not complete yet. (it's not colorable)
Here's a beta level i made when the idea sprung to mind. It won't be included in the final draft because
a. there's stompable enemies
b. lack of creativity
c. no music
d. too short
Download Beta Level

credits to gamermakerguy for the captain toad sprites

Feedback is appreciated.

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