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Finishing an overworld level (TUTORIAL)

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Post » 02 Aug 2015, 08:41

Finishing a level is a sign of victory, and it should feel like victory. This thread is going to tell you what you should do when finishing up your Mari0 level.

1. (Final Touches)
Finalizing your level is the first step to making sure everything is perfect, just the way the community will like it. Also add detail to your level, add some bushes if it's an outside level, make some interesting shapes out of coins, do whatever seems fitting in your mappack and level...
If it looks like what it should look like, then you are good to go.

2. (The stairs, flagpole, and the castle.)
The stairs and flagpole and castle are important. Why? Because it's what ends the level, silly.
The stairs are 8 blocks high, with it being 9 blocks horizontally.

After creating the stairs, make the flagpole which should be 8 blocks away from the stairs.
The pole is 9 blocks high, excluding the circle on top and the block at the bottom.
Also, do add the Flag entity at the bottom, otherwise the flag on the pole won't show and it won't function.

Finally, the castle.
The castle door is 5 blocks away, all you really need to do on this part is use the castle tiles.
The bottom part of the castle is five blocks horizontally and three blocks vertically.
The top part of the castle is three blocks horizontally and two blocks vertically.

I hope this thread helped you with finishing up your level.
Good luck! :)
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Post » 04 Aug 2015, 17:26

Well, this sounds pretty basic, since it only is one of the several tipes of stairs you find in the SMB map.
There's a lot of ways of finishing a level, and only explaning one of them doesn't feel correct (to me at least), so i'll try to give a better explanation about the topic:

Finishing a level (Guide)

There's a lot of ways of finishing a level (i just said this but saying it again doesn't hurt anybody): you can go the classic way and do the stairs of SMB, and make a lot of interesting and entertaining variations; or, you can do like in NSMB series and make obstables to help the player reach the map (this has a lot more possibilities); OR if you are making a story map or just feel like it, you can finish the level using an animation (only possible using Mari0 SE).

First step: Make a decent level.
You can't make a mappack with only level endings. So go ahead and make a decent level with platforms or puzzles or both or whatever that you think the public will like.

Okay, now to the actual level goal:

1. The "Classic":
This is the easieat one, but that doesn't mean is any lest funny to make or to play.
You start following the basic design and then add pits or pipes or make it shorter or make it larger, etc. (i.e. The "stairs" in the level 8-3 of SMB is made by only 5 blocks) But remember that it has to allow the player to reach the top of the flagpole.

Then the space between it and the flagpole will depend of how the heigh you decided to give to your stairs, as long as it's possible to reach the top, it's alright.

Extra: The castle after the flagpole doesn't have to be like the basic one, you can give it different shapes; and it doesn't have to be a castle, it can be a house, a cave, etc.

2. The "New":
Sometimes, in the NSMB series, there's not stairs, instead you have to run and jump using different obstacles to reach the top of the flagpole, you can do that to in Mari0, and even you can directly send the player to the top. Since Mari0 has a lot of entities that could help the player reach the top, i really suggest using them.

Extra: Or you can just put the flagpole there, like in the Portal mappack (which is less funny, but at least it lets you to beat the level).

3. The "Other":
For those who hasn't played it, i really suggest you playing Hugo's mappack Pop a portal (if it's still compatible with Hugo's mod)
In that mappack Hugo used an interesting transition from level to level, you get to the elevator and it loads the next level, without flagpoles or castles.
You can do that in Mari0 SE, making scenes and dialogue too, or imiatting that sinken' ship level in SMW (which had a green orb only used once in the game).

So, there you have it, i didn't give exact explanations, you have to do all the specific processes, since it's your map. So, go wild and go make some cool levels with cool endings with cool stuff. Good luck :)

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Post » 24 Aug 2015, 15:20

Some endings that don't use the flagpole entity:

You very well can end every level with an axe, though Toad may get to be annoying. I did this for The Pirate Mappack.

Warp Pipes:
In SE, you can specify the exact level the pipe will take you to, including the next one. It also works for 1.6 if each world is only one level long.

You can make animations load any level, so, of course, you can make that the next one. You can also make it more interesting by adding some other stuff to the animation, like tremors, music changes, and dialogue boxes.

EDIT: There is something I completely forgot about animations: in Beta 9 (and 8, but it requires some doing) you can hook animation triggers up to buttons and the like. You could even hook it up to a region trigger using an AND gate, for a triggerable exit.

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