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help me please map.

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Post » 10 May 2015, 19:19

hi guys like to know how I put a map in mari0.
thank you guys.
I did the procedure without nehum problem but a problem has a bug when I go to five breast nights at gomba it does not appear I enter but does not appear.
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Post » 10 May 2015, 19:30

Open Mari0 1.6, go to Select Mappack, press 'M' on your keyboard to open the mappacks folder, move the mappack you downloaded into the folder, and restart the game.

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Post » 10 May 2015, 19:32

Put %appdata%
Go to the LOVE folder
Go to mari0 folder
Go to mappacks folder
Put any mappacks in it (Make sure its an 1.6 mappack)

Stop making thread please, just search on the forum.

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Post » 10 May 2015, 19:40

First, don't call "mario portal 1.6", simply "mari0 1.6", you'll say "why?", that name is a bit confusing as there is a mod with the same name (although it has a new) is known more for that. (Mario+Portal or Mario HEC)

Second, to put or create a mappack open Mari0 1.6, go in the menu to select mappack, go down and select the option "New mappack" to create a new mappack, edit the tiles, put entites, test, etc. and save this to play the time you want.

Third, If you want publish your mappack, in the select mappack menu press "m" to open the mappack folder, go to "mappacks" folder and search your mappack you make, rename this with the name that you like, convert this in a zip or rar (WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip, etc.) and upload in a download page (Mediafire, Dropbox, etc.)

This thread help better:

And please, don't make a entire thread for only ask for a single thing, It's against the rules.

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Post » 11 May 2015, 18:12

FuriousHedgehog wrote:First, don't call "mario portal 1.6", simply "mari0 1.6""

Ok . It may be off-topic but this part was unnecessary , but i don't want to start a debate on "how do you say Mari0 ?" dat topic reference tho

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