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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 03:00

Heres my take on this whole "freddy mappack" thing.
Its the least "faithful" imo but the most functional.

and heres an earlier development gif:

(its pretty self explanatory but here it is anyways)
the two higher switches control the light of their respective sides
when the shadows approach the door press the button near each door to close it.
survive as long as possible

the music is just the smw ghost house theme with reverb

my high score is 9215 right now
ATTENTION: to play this map you need the mari0 SE beta version 9 with the enemy patch

Feel free to post scores and reviews here in this thread.
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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 03:21

is this fnaf

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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 03:58

its loosely based off of the concept but no

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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 05:41

is this the krusty krab

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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 05:43

no this is patrick

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Post » 17 Feb 2015, 06:56

gg guys

as for the map itself, its amazing

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Post » 18 Feb 2015, 22:15

I got 7585.
It's very good, the music fit, almost flawless.. Only problem is that since enemies are drawn on top of the gui, you know when an enemy spawn.

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Post » 16 Jun 2017, 00:39

I got 2,900 on my first try. Nice mappack! This has got to be the best mini game/Arcade style mappack I've ever played. I love it! Nice job!

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