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Super Luigi USA [done edition] Explore 6 abnormal world

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Hello Everyone I'm new here so please give me feedback on this mappack please . So Super Luigi Usa has 6 worlds to explore not only that but instead getting backgrounds i have decided to use false tiles . I recommend that you get creative with your tiles! Person I give credit to
Mari0Maker for creating the Super Mario Usa tileset for me if it weren't for Mari0Maker i wouldn't have gotten this idea.

It was a strange day Mari0 had disappeared faraway land of snow and weird things had changed in the Mushroom Kingdom . Luigii finds out Mari0 had been captured by the evil B0wser. now its up to Luigii to save Mari0



Suddenly, Mari0 doesn't seem to be anywhere in the snow world . Where could he be ? to be continued ...

World Names :

W1 Nature Valley
W2 Possessive Desert
W3 Water Jump run
W4 Sky Hell
W5 Lakitu's Treehouse
W6 Bowser's Snow

This does not require any portals
Enjoy (:

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