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"SMB Enhanced" Worlds 9 & 0 + Others. Plans

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I'm sure by now, at least one of you may have heard of the Super Mario World hack "Super Mario Bros. Enhanced" which was created some time ago by a guy named Pac. It's basically 16 bit SMB3 with SMB1 levels with SMB2J's bonus worlds gone unused, but the primary appeal to me is the number of original levels that were re-created not from any of Nintendo's original games but rather ROM hacks of SMB1 that existed back when it was made, created by Googie, Frank15 (Frank Maggiore), and Shadic. The task here is to locate the original hacks these levels were developed from and port them into Mari0, using the default SMB1 graphics. I do have the level numbers as they appear in the SMBE ROM:

I do have the level numbers used in the SMBE ROM.

9-1: 021 (Bonus: 05E)
9-2: 022 (Bonus: 05F)
9-3: 023 (Bonus: 023)
9-4: 024
0-1: 138 (Heaven: 060) (Bonus: 061)
0-2: 139 (Main: 062) (Bonus: 063) (Exit: 06C)
0-3: 13A (Bonus: 063)
0-4: 13B -> 06E -> 064 (Bonus: 174 -> 175)


1. 033 (Hilltop)
2. 064 (Underground)

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