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Not Flappy Bird

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Post » 03 Nov 2016, 05:15

It has been a long time since I have posted (kinda) but now, I have found a new game to work on, and it is:


Not Flappy Bird is a game where you play as the pipe instead of the bird. AND NO YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO KILL HE BIRD!

Yes that is a quote that I made. Anyway, lets get to the actuall game.

I wanted to make a fan game kinda like Maurice did with Tetris and Pac-Man, so by the end I came up with a modern-ish arcade game (Flappy Bird) so now I am working on the game, Not Flappy Bird

I have finally found a game that I can work on, and I have the link for it already! if you want to download it, click here to download the game!

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