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FNaF: Control Room

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Five Nights at Freddy's: Control Room
I was bored for the past three days and decided to make a FNaF game to see how it works. I made it with my 700x1400 tablet, so I edited the code to make it usable for computers. I don't know how to export the app from the app I made it in, so you get the stupid computer version. It isn't made with Love. It's made with Processing, a dumbed-down version of Java.
Version 1 (don't expect an update)

You are in the bottom-middle square.
Click a square to see which of the four squares are there.
The three not-red squares will try to come to the bottom squares. If they do, tap the two buttons on the bottom to block them.
The red square turns white when it is about to hurt you. Press the left button to block it.
Press the red square at the top to die at any time.

So yeah. I'm impressed with myself. Trust me, it looks better on my tablet.

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