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Back To The Future Time Circuits Simulator (0.8.0/0.9.x)

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Post » 04 Sep 2014, 15:03

Yes, it is a Back To The Future Time Circuits Simulator made in LÖVE 2D.
There is not a lot of things, but here is what it has :
  • Intro that looks like the one of the first movie,
  • Toggle-able Time Circuits (press "T" to turn on/off),
  • Instant Time Travel / Cut-scene Time Travel (press "Space" to change),
  • (Almost) Realistic Speedometer (press & hold "Up" to accelerate, "Down" to brake, press nothing to slowly decelerate),
  • Delorean Preview (To show time traveling, frozen Delorean, ...)

Screenshots :
The actual size of the window is 800*600

Download here

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