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Post » 28 Aug 2014, 15:30

I saw this and made a fangame of it in a couple of hours


I made this because I was bored but I might come back to it to add some more fun stuff.
note- pressing F4 sets it to full screen and F9 takes a screenshot.

Let me know of any issues or if you have any suggestions.

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Post » 29 Aug 2014, 01:46

It was pretty fun controlling the Pac-Man and intercepting the ball, until I got tired of it after about 30 points with neither of the paddles being able to score, lol.

So then I closed and reloaded the game to reset the score, then sat back and watched the paddle AI for a while. Strangely, it seems pretty good at knocking the ball into a mostly stationary Pac-Man, as he accumulated more points than either of the paddles. o_O

So, as far as suggestions go? Things I think would be interesting additions:
  • The ball speeding up every time it's hit. It should probably be an option whether or not Pac-Man speeds up too, to compensate; I can see both ways being fun, in their own ways.
  • The paddle AI, instead of just moving with the vertical position of the ball, actually predicting where the ball is going to go by taking into account the current angle of the ball (this would actually make the AI hard to beat...if Pac-Man were out of the picture, anyway).
  • Pac-Man also having an AI that predicts the angle/speed of the ball in an attempt to get to it. Then you could just sit back and watch the chaos. Or play by yourself as one of the paddles. Whatever. :p

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