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[Kinect Required] [2-player] [Windows Only] Keynact Gam

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Hey, guys. So, I was twerking working on this game called Keynact Gam.

So, you start it up, and it brings up a window that says Press Sturt.

When you press the sturt button, back away from the computer and put yourself within the field of view of the Kinect. Make sure you have a decent amount of room.

Two people stand in front of the Kinect, where the player on the right, player one, is red, and the player on the left, player 2, is blue. These two players are rotated around the points 2 metres to the right and 1.5 metres out and 2 metres to the left and 1.5 metres out respectively to face each other. Using this space, they duel.

So far:
Hit damage is based off of velocity.
You can dodge to depth (away from the dividing line is away from the camera, towards the dividing line is towards the camera).
If you place your hands together and then separate them, you go pew pew magic missile.
If a hit touches the line between your elbow and hand or knee and shoulder (or an equipped sabre), it is blocked.
If that hit is a magic missile, it is volleyed.
When a hit is blocked, you get a supercharged attack (which is either a super strong hit or four magic missiles in a cross).
Sabres occasionally spawn on the ground (it appears as a hilt until picked up) to pick up and fuck the opponent up with.
You can pick up and drop sabres by swiping your hand on the ground.
Sabres despawn when you drop them.
You can dual wield sabres.
Sabres break after 8 rounds.
Auto-updates (when I get my own internet and not my neighbours' back tomorrow anyway).

(I can't be bothered to post screenshots until I get net back. I'm on neighbour net/3g until tomorrow. It feels like I'm fedexing a USB stick with an HTTP get packet and waiting for a server response.)


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