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How to compile large amounts of lua to bytecode?

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Hey, I have started a game based on Mari0 (it's not on the Mari0 forums because it can no longer be considered a mod, it has it's own mechanics and physics) and I am planning to release it. I have added modding support to it so that I don't have to make it open source (I will end up making it open source once I reach a small goal of players on GameJolt after release). I compiled the love game to an exe, and it ran fine. However, I opened the .exe with 7zip and I could look through and edit the game files. I know love2d can run lua bytecode so I was wondering, how would I go about compiling large amounts of lua source code to bytecode using luac.exe? Thanks in advance! (By the way, the Mari0 SE licence allows me to make a standalone game and make it closed-source with it)

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