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Confused at adding custom hat

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Post » 21 Sep 2014, 10:04

So i ve already download the latest version of mari0 wich is 1.6 and the latest version of love, 0.9.1
After that i download hat loader by Zimpery and TBSs and follow their instruction instead.But everytime i launched the
this always happening
After that i reset it by delete the and copy it again without insert it with any files.
then i launched it and the error message like the picture above comes out.
If anyone knows how to fix it, please help me, i want to add some custom hat so bad :(
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Post » 21 Sep 2014, 10:14

You need to upload the picture to a webserver before anyone can see it. You can use something like

The released version of Mari0 doesn't use Löve 0.9.1, but 0.8.0.
You can dowload it (along with other versions) here:

If you want to install it, download "love-0.8.0-win-x86.exe".

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Post » 21 Sep 2014, 10:24

Oh my god!
forget about the picture,it work!!!
Thank you so much dude!!