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by Crat Strat
04 Jan 2017, 04:33
Forum: Mari0
Topic: Mari0:SE version thread
Replies: 53
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Re: Mari0:SE version thread

The whole version pack is completely broken, so could someone please fix it?
by Crat Strat
10 Jul 2015, 02:27
Forum: Twatter
Topic: NES Game Genie Codes
Replies: 28
Views: 11767

Re: NES Game Genie Codes

To get back on track here... I will use All codes made with SMB/Duck Hunt on original Nintendo Entertainment System. SMB 1 Game Genie codes XYPPPP: Screws up music, 1-1 plays underwater music, 1-2 plays star... KZAGEO: Enemies stay in place, do nothing AGPEPP: Crash.. OZPEPP: Same with base code, PP...

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